During 2018 ISC AB was appointed the Global supplier to Deutsche Lufthansa AG. The assignment was to design and develop bags for the employees in Lufthansa and Lufthansa Group.

In 2018 Lufthansa made an update of the corporate ID, the first time for 30 years. FY 2017 was a profitable year and the company decided to launch an internal campaign to reward each employee with a gift as a token of gratitude for their participation in making 2017 fantastic. This was the start of the “ThankYou” campaign.

ISC AB was appointed to design, develop, produce and to forward the products to the employees in over 40 countries. We designed 3 different bags under two separate brands; Lufthansa => for all Lufthansa employees. Lufthansa Group => for employees in the app 340 different subsidiaries.

The bags developed were a weekendbag, a sportsbag and a briefcase.

The final quantity came to approximately 62.000 bags, successfully delivered to over 40 countries, all on DDP terms. Only to Germany, we filled 3 Boeing 747 Cargo with the products!