ISC AB – Premium Sourcing Solutions

When sourcing of products becomes a strategic asset.

ISC AB offers a full-scale solution. We collaborate with clients who choose to consider their products as a strategic asset in their communication. Our clients are companies within the premium segment, who evaluates the importance to develop products keeping the premium brand DNA preserved and communicated throughout each product.

In the full-scale solution, ISC AB offers:

• R&D
• Design and product development
• Development of labels and ID carriers
• Sourcing and production
• Quality control
• Quality guarantee
• Monitoring of process and timeline
• Terms and conditions
• Forwarding to final desination; FOB, CIF, DDP – you choose.

Thanks to +20 year’s experience and a superior network of reliable suppliers we have a long list of satisfied clients. Our suppliers are based in; China, Vietnam, India, Turkey and Portugal. This palette of suppliers gives us the opportunity to offer a wide range of products.